Family Law

Our philosophy is simple—most family law cases can and should be resolved privately outside of court.

We find that parties who reach out of court settlements generally adhere to the terms and are much less likely to end up back in court. Such settlements also help clients heal faster and are less costly. Of course, there are situations such as financial secrecy or abuse where court involvement is necessary. For the vast majority of cases, we can help our clients resolve their cases in an amicable and cost efficient manner by guiding them through the process and preparing for a secure future.

Our focus is on problem solving through the use of advocacy without being adversarial. We focus on our client’s needs, interests, and goals and review each case to determine whether engaging outside professionals would be beneficial. This comprehensive team approach ensures that our client’s present and future financial and emotional needs are met. Such advisors may include financial professionals, parenting specialists, and collaborative coaches, among others.

Our services are limited to out of court solutions including case evaluation, facilitation, mediation, collaborative law and attorney negotiation. We also serve as consulting counsel to parties engaged in mediation and out of court negotiations.

The firm represents clients and provides mediation services for a wide range of family issues including:

including all issues relating to property division, alimony and child support, parenting, insurance, and taxes.
separate support and paternity cases
modifications to existing agreements
prenuptual and postnuptual agreements
cohabitation agreements

Business Law

We understand that starting a business and maintaining a profitable one is an enormous undertaking.

We help our clients from the formation stages (including the choice and implementation of an entity) as well as planning for exit strategies and/or succession plans.

We represent closely held and family owned business in a variety of industries. We work with advisors specializing in accounting, financial planning and management, business coaching insurance, and real estate in order to ensure that all of our clients’ business needs are addressed.

We can provide outside general counsel services for businesses, including general contracts, non-disclosure and non-compete agreements, employment and consulting agreements, and financing agreements.

Succession planning. We believe succession planning should be addressed at the formation stages of a business as well as periodically throughout the life of the business. We understand that these issues frequently are not addressed until there is a crisis. We can help at any stage of the process, but believe proactive planning is preferable.

We provide business dispute resolution services, including mediation and collaborative law for all business disputes, including formation and dissolution.

“Susan was my attorney in a collaborative divorce. During this difficult time, she went above and beyond in supporting me and my family and I was represented better than I could have imagined. She clearly explained all of the issues, was always responsive and continues to be available for anything I need post divorce. Susan is an extremely effective advocate and I highly recommend her!”

- JK collaborative divorce 2018

“I would like to thank you for all your help during my mediation. You made this very difficult time in my life a lot easier.”

- CC hired Susan as consulting attorney during mediation 2017

“I am a business owner and Susan was my attorney during my divorce. Her dual expertise and advocacy skills were invaluable!”

- NM 2017
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