Every dispute is an opportunity and every complex issue has a creative solution.

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Our Mission

Klebanoff Law and Mediation provides skilled and compassionate counsel to our business and family law clients. We work together with our clients to build more secure futures.

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family law

Our family law practice focuses on out of court settlement processes, including mediation, collaborative law and negotiated settlements. Areas of expertise are divorce, modifications, separate support and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. We are problem solvers and address each client’s needs, interests, and goals through the use of advocacy without being adversarial.

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business law

Our business practice focuses on all legal issues that arise during a business’ life cycle. We provide counsel for the formation stages of a business, ongoing legal issues and exit strategies. We also provide settlement services for legal disputes where we can serve as settlement counsel or a neutral mediator.

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attorney succession planning

We help fellow lawyers plan for the unexpected by creating a succession plan. Many solo practitioners are focused on running their practices and have not made plans to ensure their clients are protected in the case of unforeseen circumstances. We work with attorneys to create a plan, including a designated successor to assist for an interim period or to wind down or sell a practice.

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“Susan was my attorney in a collaborative divorce. During this difficult time, she went above and beyond in supporting me and my family and I was represented better than I could have imagined. She clearly explained all of the issues, was always responsive and continues to be available for anything I need post divorce. Susan is an extremely effective advocate and I highly recommend her!”

- JK collaborative divorce 2018

“I would like to thank you for all your help during my mediation. You made this very difficult time in my life a lot easier.”

- CC hired Susan as consulting attorney during mediation 2017

“I am a business owner and Susan was my attorney during my divorce. Her dual expertise and advocacy skills were invaluable!”

- NM 2017
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